• Thursday, March 13, 2008

    A Little Catch Up

    Well it has been cold this winter so most of what I've done is sit in front of my heater
    or playing with Aunt Rosie. Look at her scary teeth. Doesn't stop me though.

    As you can see, I got a new camo harness. Do I look tough or redneck? I think tough.

    It is still winter but Spring is just around the corner. It was in the 60s yesterday and I got to go for a couple of long walks. The Legislator's are in right now in Kentucky so there are lots of people out and about at the capital. At my lunchtime walk there were a lot of military troops on the capital steps. Gotta love our military. :-)

    Then later in the evening I got to go on a walk with Dash. We haven't gotten to do that in so long because of the weather. I've missed my buddy.

    We saw lots of doggies out walking on the pretty day. This is Elvis a really big Bassett Hound. He has the saddest eyes.

    I see these two little guys all the time, even during the winter. I should know their names, but I don't.

    Later we saw these guys. They are Abby, Peanut and Turbo. They look so familiar. I don't know what it is.

    As pretty as it has been the past couple of days, it is hard to believe it looked like this on Saturday, just 5 days ago.

    I am so glad I am able to post again. I will not go that long again. I have missed everyone.

    Tuesday, March 11, 2008


    OMD...My Mom finally got internet at home. I will be able to post on a more regular basis not. We actually got about 6 in. of snow over the weekend. That is the most snow we have gotten in several years. I have to say I wasn't too fond of it. It is hard to find the right spot when there is no grass. :-) It didn't last very long thankfully and it is going to be in the 60s this week. I can't wait for spring so we can go out for more walkies. I will have pictures to post in a couple of days.