• Tuesday, April 25, 2006

    More Info

    From Bismarck's Person:

    Kentucky does not have very good laws where this kind of thing is concerned. Animal control came, took a report and because the dog had all of its shots they quarantined the dog at home for 10 days which is over today. That is all that is required for them to do, if I want something done, I have to file a complaint with the County Attorney's office myself, which I have done. Meanwhile, the dog is still right next door.

    On a good note, Bismarck went back to the vet yesterday for a follow-up and the Dr. said she was very pleased at how his wounds were healing. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. :-)

    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    Bad Sunday

    Mom and I had a really bad evening Sunday. We were walking around our block like we normally do and were almost home when a dog jumped out of a second story window and attacked us. Mom tried to get me away before he got there but he was too fast. I got some minor bite marks before Mom got me away, but unfortunately, the bad dog went after Mom next. Grabbed her by the leg and shook. Several neighbors came running when they heard Mom screaming (boy can she scream loud) and the bad dog finally let go of Mom's leg but only to go after my friend Daisy dog. Fortunately Daisy is as big as the bad dog and scared it off. By then though, Mom already had me in the house checking me over. She is a good Mom, she was more worried about me than herself. When she figured out that I was ok, our neighbor Karen, (Daisys Mom) drove Mom to the emergency room and Auntie Robin came to stay with me. Mom knew I was upset and didn't want to leave me alone. She is very good to me. I sure was glad to see her when she got back from the emergency room. The next morning I got a little sick and was acting strange so Mom did take me to the Dr. and they kept me for the day to make sure I was ok. I am and I am glad my Mom will be ok too.

    I am going to post a pic of Mom's leg so if you don't like stuff like that, don't look. This pic was taken on Wed. 3 days after the event. The wound is on the lower right leg, just below the knee.

    Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    Lunch Time Walk

    Mom took her camera with us when we took our walk around the block at lunch time.

    The flowers are ok to pee on, but taking pictures really bored me.

    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    Just a cute pic

    This is an old picture, but Mom likes it and wanted to put it on my blog. Since she is the one who does the typing for me, there wasn't much I could do.

    Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    I got to go to work....

    I finally got to see where Mom goes during the day, I got to go to work with her today....the office was kicking of an America on the Move campaign and she took me with her for the walk. I got to go up in the office for a little while first and visit with people and smell everything. Then we all went outside....

    I wasn't sure where all the people were going, but it was fun, so I went too.

    Mom took me home afterwards, good thing, I was tuckered out.

    I think I should get to go to work with Mom everyday. :-)

    Monday, April 03, 2006

    I Love Weekends

    It was such a beautiful day on Saturday, Mom and I went for a long walk to the Capital. Of course she forgot the camera so no pics of me. I was worn out before we got home though. Found several nice shady spots to stop and lay down on the way back. :-)

    Sunday, Mom took me for ANOTHER bath at Auntie Benita's. That wasn't much fun, but I did get to go run around the backyard with Dash afterwards. That WAS lots of fun. Dash cut his tongue though and later had to end up making a trip to the vet because it wouldn't stop bleeding. I hope you get better soon Dash... I'll come back over when you are.

    I get to go see Rosie tonight. I haven't gotten to see her in almost a week. Yeppie!!