• Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Been so long

    Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Mom has been way busy. She got a new job, starts May 1st, she is so excited and been busy at her old job trying to get everything in order to leave.

    I went to the vet Monday for my yearly exam, it was all good. Got a shot, but I also got some treats, I guess it all works out.

    Nothing real exciting going on, the Kentucky Derby is less than three weeks away so there is lots going on the grounds around my house, the Governor is getting ready for his Derby breakfast.
    This picture is of one of the tulips they have planted in front of the captial. They have six huge beds full of tulips (white & purple except a few like this one that I don't think were suppose to be in there). They have all been up for a few weeks now, unfortunately they are starting to fade.

    I'll post about something better later. Have a good weekend.