• Thursday, September 08, 2011

    Bismarck Got His Wings

    My Bismarck got his wings today. I know he is not in pain anymore, but I hope wherever he is there is plenty of space to run around, dogs to play with and more toys then he will ever be able to destuff.

    This was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. Bismarck has filled my life with so much laughter and joy. I will miss that little guy more then words can say. He has always been my angel, now he really is one.


    Blogger Michael said...

    Bismarck. I loved you from the very first moment I laid eyes on you. I always said "I didn't choose him. He chose me". You meant so very much to me. You were a friend, when I had none. A shoulder for me to cry on, in my darkest of hours. A terrific listener, when I had no one else to talk to. My child, before my daughter was ever born. I am a better person, for having had you bring your light into my life. I will miss you more than you know. I am overcome with grief and remorse, and the only peace I find. Is in knowing how truly happy your life was. Beth. I thank you for the love and dedication you gave to Bismarck. He loved you so very much, as I know you loved him in return.

    You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.
    Rest in peace my dearest "Boo-ba-lurr".
    Love always,

    5:53 PM  
    Blogger Adventures of Bismarck said...

    Michael, Bismarck loved his Diddy so much. No matter how much he loved me, as soon as he saw you he couldn't get to you fast enough. I am so fortunate and blessed that Bismarck came into my life. He made my life so much better, so I thank you for bringing him into my life.

    6:36 PM  
    Blogger Sandy said...

    I know Bismarck was loved so much. Just reading these two comments just warms my heart know that feeling of love for a "fur baby." He had a good life. I know you will miss him. I like to think of all the little ones that have gone on from us as running in a big field with a clear creek of cool water and lots of shade trees. We are just lucky to have them for a short time. I hope you find another "love" like Bismarck in your future.

    8:17 AM  
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